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Hello there, buddies! Today, we’ll discuss about a unique location in the Kroger store. “The Little Clinic Appointment” is its name. Let’s find out more about it!

What exactly is The Little Clinic?

The Little Clinic is a small health care facility located within Kroger supermarkets. Here, you can meet health professionals who treat minor illnesses. They also offer you vaccinations to keep you protected from major illnesses like the flu.

What Kinds of Services Do They Provide?

Quick Check-up: If you’re feeling a little under the weather, you can walk into The Little Clinic. They will examine you and administer medications.

shots: They give you shots to keep you protected from certain illnesses. As an example, consider flu vaccination.

Pharmacy: A pharmacy is located next to the clinic. Medicine can be purchased here. They can also advise you on which medications are best for you.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

It’s extremely simple! You can reserve a time on Kroger’s website. You can also stroll into the store and request a check up.

Appointment Nutrition

Our Registered Dietitians believe in the healing power of food. Make a Telenutrition appointment to connect with a nutritionist who can assist you in reaching your unique objectives.

Appointment Nutrition

Appointment Pharmacy 

More than just filling prescriptions is available at the Pharmacy. Make an appointment for any of our immunizations, health exams, or travel consultations.

Appointment Pharmacy 

The Little Clinic Appointment

Make an appointment at The Little Clinic to obtain any of our various immunizations or injections, renew a prescription, or cure a small injury, among other things.

Little Clinic Appointment

Is it expensive?

No! The good news is that many of The Little Clinic’s treatments are free. You may have to pay a modest fee for some services.

Other Items in the Kroger Store

Kroger is more than just a grocery store. They sell a variety of goods, including food and beverages. They also provide exclusive deals and discounts. So, the next time you go, keep an eye out for these deals!

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